Since 2000 Avito developed like a classified and grew into the biggest and most respectful classified in Russia. At the same time Avito emerged into new markets such as real estate, automobiles and mass recruitment.

From product and interface points of view it was reasonable to extrapolate interface patterns created for classified scenarios. However, they turned out to perform less effective then expected.

Being part of Avito Jobs team, which worked on mass recruitment, I started to research user behaviour in job search scenario more carefully. This led to change and adaptation of UX patterns in order to fit better…

Why we decided to move the prescorring process online

Avito Jobs is an app for searching jobs and ‘blue-collar’ workers.

Working on this product we constantly communicate with drivers, cooks, movers, waiters etc. On the other hand we keep in touch with big employer’s recruiters who specialise in mass recruitment. Both empathise that it’s important not just to find a job or a worker but to do it as soon as possible.

People need to feed their families and recruiters need to implement hiring plans in order not to keep manufacturing idle. If time to hire is crucial to our users, it is crucial to us.

In order to…

What is Avito Jobs and its audience

Avito Jobs is a Russian app and website to search and find a job or a worker: employers post vacancies and job seekers publish their CVs. Candidates can respond to a vacancy by phone or via in-app messenger. Employers can browse CVs while the access to candidate’s contacts is paid.

The audience of the app are ‘blue-collar’ workers: drivers, administrators, cashiers, movers, couriers, waiters, cooks etc.

Problem statement. Employers need to reduce time of primary validation of applicants

While working on customer journey maps of Avito Jobs users we conducted a number of interviews with both job seekers and recruiters.

One of the main problem was a huge amount of time recruiters…

A couple of months ago I joined an IT company which works according to Agile approach carefully using scrum framework. This was completely new to me. However, very soon I found myself in a role of a scrum master of my team. While onboarding I realised I’m already a little bit familiar with the whole approach. It turned out that I used to unconsciously follow it when caring and raising my two kids. This is how the two things are close to each other.

My kids are my product in some sense. My goal is to make this product competitive…

This is a story of a small but very pity failure.

It was autumn 2015 when I joined Yandex.Market, the biggest Russian e-commerce, as the head of design team. From the very beginning I faced many challenges including diving into new field of internet shopping. I spent many evenings surfing online shops and studying their approaches and interfaces. I filed solutions that seemed to be successful and dared to try them on the product I was responsible for.

Very soon I came across a curious interface pattern in product description page layout. Most online shops placed the photo of the…

Once upon a time when a design department of Yandex was beginning to set up, the design team held regular meetings for drafts and ideas exchange. Some of these meetings were dedicated to some related issues. For example, once we shared our impressions on books we read. We discussed how knowledge gained from these books helped us in our work.

During that meeting the title of Stephen King’s book ‘On writing’ was pronounced. Really? Are we talking about books on design or what? Nevertheless, a colleague who suggested it, argued that it is not only the writer’s guide. …

In the previous article on design for Yandex.Zen, the smart personal newsfeed, I described the process how we made this newsfeed more personal. Somehow this caused another sudden problem.

Yandex.Zen newsfeed. Articles are presented by cards with titles and short snippets.

At some point our key metric— average session time — stagnated. This was a clear sign to start new research and find out what people’s problem stands behind this deviation.

We conducted several talks with our readers and found out they were suffering trapped in the information bubble. How could it happen?

Behind Yandex.Zen feed there is a smart algorithm. It is constantly learning and getting better at giving more and…

I’m a product designer in Yandex.Zen, one of the most popular Russian digital media and blogging platform. Zen is a personal newsfeed. Smart algorithm collects articles from thousands of bloggers and media. Then it forms an individual feed for each reader according to what he or she has already taken interest in. The more you read Zen the smarter it becomes.

This is how the feed looks like. Each card represents an article. After reading one the feed suggests related publications.

Yandex.Zen product development is mostly data driven. One of our key metrics is 7-day retention. Besides there are plenty of other metrics to follow: who, when, how much clicks, how long people spent reading an article, when and how…

Полтора года назад моя жизнь сложилась так, что я оказалась в Азии, в Сингапуре. Будучи дизайнером продукта с десятилетним опытом работы, в качестве этнографического эксперимента я пустилась на поиски работы на местном рынке. Я отправила резюме во множество компаний, поговорила с большим количеством HR-работников, прошла несколько десятков увлекательных собеседований и получила незаурядное предложение о работе. Суммируя и анализируя этот опыт, я поняла, что узнала много нового: об Азии вообще, о тамошнем рынке труда для дизайнеров, в частности, и самое главное, разумеется, о себе.

Канонический вид. Вопреки ожиданиям, далеко не все IT-компании в Сингапуре имеют офисы в деловой части города.

Оказалось, что за время работы и общения с московскими коллегами по цеху сами собой установились множество слабых…

Several times a day I open Evernote application to make or edit a note or a list. The more I log my everyday life, the easier it becomes. This is extremely important for a mom of two and a full-time UX designer.

I never make lists and notes at once. I edit them on the go as thoughts, ideas or questions come to my mind. Thus I give my mind an opportunity to calm down as memorising is delegated to notes and lists. And there is no risk of forgetting something.

What’s the Point? Five Grand Reasons

Reason One. Avoiding Memory Overload

According to famous Getting Things Done methodology most of…

Nastia Larkina

Product Designer @ Avito, Moscow. Ex-Yandex.

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